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Verdicts and Settlements

At the Law Offices of Paul Levin, we understand how devastating it can be for injury victims to try to cope with the consequences of another person's irresponsible, reckless choices. Unfortunately, nothing can truly compensate injury victims for the pain and suffering they must endure; under the law, the best justice injury victims can receive is a financial award for their damages. That's why we are committed to helping our clients pursue the largest awards possible, in order to ensure that they have the resources they need to deal with the consequences of their injury and to hold the responsible party accountable. While we cannot guarantee results in future cases as each case has unique facts and circumstances, the following are representative examples of successes we have had in the past. Similar or better results cannot be guaranteed.

As a serious personal injury practice in Connecticut, the verdicts and settlements are as you might expect quite varied. As a result, the available resources needed to undertake the analysis and handle similar cases for you is made much easier. The following represents only a sampling of case types sucessfully handled in Connecticut courts by Attorney Levin. 

  • Hicks v Anstro

    Ms. Hicks was injured when an factory crane which she was operating became unstable and dropped its load which entrapped her leg. She was assigned to a factory in Waterbury, CT by her employer and the factory which owned the crane and ran the facility denied any legal responsibility for the crane... Read On

  • Oseni v Georgia Inc. d/b/a Pappas Pizza

    A lawsuit was brought by the Mother of a young Man who was shot and killed while ordering a pizza along with several other injured victims also present at the time of the shooting. The incident happened on June 6, 2009, at Pappas Pizza, located in Hartford, Connecticut, Pappas had for years been ... Read On

  • Cary v Eitel

    Mr. Carey was rear ended by a pickup truck driven by Mr. Eitel who was employed by O & G industries, the same company behind the Clean energy explosion that killed and injured workers in middletown, CT. Traveler's insurance insured the risk. The injuries claimed were principally lower back and a ... Read On

  • King v Anonymous

    Interestingly, this matter involved a dog bite that almost occurred. While reacting to the perceived threat of a dog jumping in the direction of an elderly person, the Plaintiff fell down while attempting to avoid the dog as it lurched towards her. This resulted in a serious fracture to her wrist... Read On

  • Machinski v Newspaper Co.

    A worker slipped on ice while delivering newspapers. She eventually underwent back surgery and did not return to that sort of work given some residual issues from the surgery and fear of falling again as delivery often occured during inclement weather. Despite the struggle of living week to week ... Read On

  • Hill v Pest Control

    A worker for a pest control company fell from a roof and suffered a broken leg and wrist. Both heeled but surgery was necessary. Some permanant restrictions of activity remain and the worker sought retraining and had all his weekly wages covered in the meantime. Case settled for the sum of $160,0... Read On

  • Youmans v Pated Spring Co.

    Client was a temporary worker injured in a fall down in a warehouse machine factory. As it was job related, he pursued both a workers compensation claim against his employer, The temporary agency that assigned him, and a direct tort claim against the machine shop where he was based. The primary c... Read On

  • Twana Johnson v Ernest Jopp, Peter Pan Bus Lines

    Client involved in an early morning collision with a Peter Pan Bus in New London CT. There were no reliable witnesses besides the bus driver and Ms Johnson who each disagreed what had occured. Client not sure if her headlights were on or not nor whether her brakes were completely functional. Bus ... Read On

  • Tornaquindici v John Keggi M.D.

    Malpractice verdict against an orthopaedic surgeon resulting from hip surgery in which the patients femoral nerve was injured and surgeon defended on the basis that the injury inflicted was a complication not the result of surgical negligence. The jury did not accept that explanation and rendered... Read On

  • Sorano v Colon and Rectal Surgeons

    Malpractice settlement arising out of a colon surgery that left the plaintiff with significant symptoms which he did not have before the surgery. The hospital could not produce the pre-operative film supporting the diagnosis and indication for surgery and the surgical technique chosen was challen... Read On

  • Simone Jackson v Orthopaedic Associates

    A medical malpractice settlement arising from wrist surgery in which the patient's ulnar nerve was inadvertently lacerated. The surgeon initially claimed abberant anatomy as the reason that the nerve was injured. It was also maintained that this type of injury was a known complication and not nec... Read On

  • Proctor v St. Francis Hospital et al

    Malpractice settlements against several of the six named defendants arising out of a delay in diagnosis and treatment of a benign condition which resulted in legal blindness. Defense claims varied but a common theme was that Ms. Proctor would likely have lost her sight regardless of the claimed d... Read On

  • M. W. v Backus Hospital et al

    Client was a mental health patient at hospital and cared for by phsychptherapist who engaged her in a sexual relationship. Though consensual in the sense that she was an adult and was not forced, the imbalance of the power relationship between the two and the prohibition against doctor patient re... Read On

  • Kellie St. Jean v Uconn Hospital

    Client went in for routine medical procedure involving a high resolution CT Scan with dye. During the administration the dye extravasated from the intended vein where a catheter had been placed and was pumped into forearm resulting in caustic reaction, swelling and compartment syndrome requiring ... Read On

  • Medical Malpractice

    Medical negligence case against Chief of general surgery, Lauren Rubino MD and the Hospital where surgery was performed, Eastern Connecticut Health Network Inc. which runs Manchester and Rockville Memorial hospitals. The negligence alleged was that Dr. Rubino operated on the wrong area of Mrs. Re... Read On

  • Poteat v State of Connecticut

    This case involved suing the State of Connecticut for placing and maintaining foster children in an environment where they were subject to physical and sexual abuse. The extent of such abuse was hotly contested and there were governmental immunity issues which were challenging to overcome. The ca... Read On

  • M. W. v Backus Hospital et al

    Client was a mental health patient at hospital and cared for by phsychptherapist who engaged her in a sexual relationship. Though consensual in the sense that she was an adult and was not forced, the imbalance of the power relationship between the two and the prohibition against doctor patient re... Read On

  • Salinas vs. Sal War Inc.

    This case involved and exploding battery on a construction site which injured the eye of a worker as a result. The issues included product liability for a defective battery and the failure to train and properly supervise machine operational procedures all of which contributed to this injury event... Read On

  • Occonor v Tulip Homes

    A construction site injury involving the improper use of a ladder and failure to monitor the construction site. The defendant was the general contractor who claimed no knowledge or legal responsibility of the dangerous work site conditions which contributed to Mr. Occonor's fall through an open h... Read On

  • Mcqueeney v DiGiorgi Corp.

    This case involved the improper use of scaffolds and the lack of fall protection systems on a roofing job. The immediate employer of Mr. Mcqueeney was immune from a suit in negligence due to the fact that it paid workers compensation benefits related to the injury he suffered from a 27 foot fall ... Read On

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