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How Long Do I Have To File A Personal Injury Claim In Connecticut?

The nature of the case and the circumstances of the case can impact that the amount of time you have to file it. Generally, you have two years to file a case but there are circumstances where you have much less time to notify the parties that you are intending to sue. For a quasi-governmental agency, you might have notice periods as short as 90 days. Your best bet is to speak to an attorney immediately.

How Long Does It Usually Take To Settle A Personal Injury Claim?

How long a settlement takes depends on how complicated and lengthy your treatment was and whether you are in a position to know what the future consequences are going to be. Once you settle the case, you can't come back and change your mind. Oftentimes, it's best to wait a full year following the incident to make sure that there hasn't been a recurrence of issues or an exacerbation caused by nothing other than normal activity. You probably don't want to settle the case rapidly and you also don't want to wait until the statute of limitations is about to run out.

Can I Claim Personal Injury Compensation After 3 Years In Connecticut?

Three years on a personal injury claim will most likely be beyond the statute of limitations in Connecticut. The case can be filed but it's subject to dismissal on that basis. There are certain exceptions and totaling provisions that might apply. An attorney could advise you on whether one exists in your case.

How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take To Resolve In Connecticut?

A case that is resolved without litigation will commonly settle in a little over a year. Cases that require litigation can take two or three years. If you think you are going to be adding value and getting a better result by taking the extra time and spending the extra money, then you are better off taking the additional time and not trying to resolve the case at the pre-litigation phase.

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