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How Does Workers’ Compensation Work In Connecticut?

Worker's compensation is an administrative scheme that has been adopted by the legislature. The first thing an injured employee has to do is report the injury to their employer. There is a form that Connecticut employers are supposed to fill out when an employee is hurt. It is called the first injury report. If the injury looks like one that is going to require surgery or it is going to lead to the loss of time from work, it's a very good idea to contact legal counsel, so the forms can be filed in a correct way, which preserves your rights. If there is any delay in the benefits that are expected, there is a hearing request process that can be followed, in order to expedite the handling of your claim.

Is Workers' Compensation Insurance Required In Connecticut?

Workers’ compensation insurance is absolutely required in Connecticut. An employer who has satisfactory financial wherewithal can choose to self-insure but they still have to provide that information to the workers' compensation commission and have to establish that they are financially capable of doing that.

We see situations pretty regularly where employers don't carry coverage or let their coverage lapse and then their injured employees are looking to them for help and there is nothing available. The employers are then responsible for their employee's medical bills and their lost wages, and that creates tremendous difficulties. It often leads to the loss of an employment relationship with an entity that you were working for.

How Long After A Workers' Compensation Settlement Will I Get Paid?

Statutorily, if the insurance company you settle with doesn't pay you within 20 days, there is a 20% penalty. As for how long it takes to get a settlement in a workers' compensation case, it can take up to two years, if the injury is serious. For that year or two, you'll get to know your attorney very well. You want to make sure they are on your side, they know what they are doing, and they are communicating with you.

At some point, your lawyer will begin to formulate a sense of what the probable settlement value of your case might be and then, you can begin planning whether or not you are going to stay with that employer or look for an alternative career path. These are all the sort of things you should be thinking about before you get to the settlement stage.

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