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How Do I Make A Claim For Car Accident Injuries In Connecticut?

The actual process of establishing a claim in Connecticut is pretty straightforward. It often begins by reporting the incident to the responsible person's insurance company and to your own insurance company. The complicated part of it is the information flow that has to come thereafter. You are not only dealing with property damage, rental reimbursement, towing, and storage issues but you are oftentimes dealing with who is going to pay your medical bills. Which policy do you use? Do you use your own health insurance?

Then, it's tracking and compiling the losses that are involved, so that you can get fully compensated at a later point in time. You don't want to be doing all these things yourself; you really want to be working on physically recovering and let your lawyer deal with interacting with the insurance company. They are not your friends and any information they collect will be used against you. You don't want them collecting your medical records or recording your statement. You want a lawyer who will run interference for you until the time comes when it's appropriate to talk about resolving the case.

What Is Considered A Motor Vehicle Accident?

In Connecticut, there is actually a statute that defines motor vehicles and it excludes certain things, like farm equipment. There are all sorts of situations where there are mopeds, unregistered vehicles, or golf carts. Generally speaking, you might say you were in a motor vehicle accident but that's not how you characterize it in the applicable insurance policies that apply under the statutes. That might apply to whether or not you were working. Sometimes, things will happen in the course and scope of your employment and they might be excluded from being a motor vehicle accident, but in a non-work context, it is a motor vehicle accident and you can pursue it as such.

How Long After I Have Been Injured In a Car Accident In Connecticut Can I Make A Claim?

You don't want to make a claim once you are already beyond the statute of limitations. That can range from a notification period as early as 90 days to a statute of limitations for initiating a lawsuit, which is typically two years in Connecticut. You want to report a claim as soon as you are able to and that means after you have gotten your initial medical care.

You are not going to want to wait weeks to months. It creates confusion and suspicion in the minds of insurance companies and their adjusters. It also creates policy coverage issues because you have an obligation to report to your own insurance company, if you were involved in an accident. If there is a question of liability, you may want to consult counsel immediately.

How Long Do You Have To Report An Accident In Connecticut?

If you are in an accident, you don't want to evade, you want to call police and have an accident report created immediately. You are going to want to report the claim to your insurance company. Typically, you are also going to want to report it to the at-fault party's insurance company. If there is a question of liability, you may want to consult a lawyer who knows properly to figure out whether you or they should be the one reporting.

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