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Connecticut Uterine Rupture Attorneys

A uterine rupture is a fairly uncommon but extremely serious risk that can happen during the birth process, endangering both a mother and new baby. When this happens, a tear develops that then can empty the uterus into the abdominal cavity. While this is a serious health problem that must be immediately addressed for the mother, it is even more serious for the baby, as uterine ruptures have a high mortality rate for infants. Because a uterine rupture can result in serious birth injuries due to lack of oxygen or cause the death of a baby, it is often a devastating event for the family.

While uterine ruptures are not always the fault of a medical professional, there are many instances in which the negligence of a doctor or obstetrician delivering the baby causes this risky birth incident. At the Law Offices of Paul Levin, we know how devastating this can be for anyone in Connecticut, and want families affected by this serious delivery problem to get the support and justice they often need.

Causes of a Uterine Rupture

There are numerous causes that can contribute to an increased likelihood of a uterine rupture. Some of these causes include:

  • A previous Cesarean-section, especially if not properly performed
  • Use of forceps in delivery
  • Inappropriate induction of labor
  • Prior uterine surgical procedures
  • Medical malpractice / negligence

These conditions can increase the chances of a mother having a uterine rupture, putting herself and her child at serious risk.

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Unfortunately, many mothers in Connecticut are facing the pain and loss that come from a uterine rupture due to a medical professional's negligence. Our attorneys of the Law Offices of Paul Levin understand how difficult this situation must be and do our best to help families suffering through the aftermath of a uterine rupture get the justice and compensation they need. Talk with a lawyer sympathetic to your circumstances today by calling 860.322.5302.

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