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Is There Any Room For An Extension To File A Catastrophic Injury Claim?

Extensions of time to file a case are governed by statute, and in the absence of a statutory basis to file an extension, one must assume that there is no basis to file an extension and therefore one must allow the lawyers the opportunity at an early enough juncture to gather the necessary evidence and prepare a filing within the appropriate period of time. It is a risky proposition for a non-legally trained person to determine when the applicable statute of limitations may run and for that reason, it is best to engage a lawyer at an early juncture. versus a later juncture. It may seem equitable at times that the law would provide a certain remedy, consideration, or extension, but sometimes the law doesn't. Ultimately, whether an extension can be filed in a catastrophic injury case will depend on statutory interpretations and the type of case or claim, and the determination will require the discretion of a legally trained mind.

What Types Of Damages Are We Looking For In A Catastrophic Personal Injury Case?

There is no formula for finding the correct amount of damages for a given injury, but there is a process or mechanism of analysis that one can go through to cover the main categories. There are non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and loss of life's enjoyment, as well as economic damages, such as lost wages (past, present, and future) property damage, out-of-pocket expenses, medical bills (past, present, and future), reimbursements due, and medical provider's pharmacy bills. Whether or not future medical expenses will actually be compensated for will depend in part on the skillful negotiations of counsel, as well as the medical testimony during the course of litigation. It may take an expert to determine the future medical costs a person will have based on their injury and their stage of recovery during litigation.

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