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Suffering a serious injury, and its consequences, can be one of the most difficult experiences that an individual can endure. While the initial pain and suffering associated with the injury can be immense and incapacitating, the injury's long-term repercussions may be even worse. Injury victims can be burdened with expensive medical bills, lost income, emotional and psychological trauma, and substantial lifestyle changes in cases of permanent disabilities.

At the Law Offices of Paul Levin, we believe that no one should have to cope with these consequences on their own, especially if someone else caused the accident. In these situations, it may be possible to recover compensation to help deal with the effects of the injury. If you have suffered due to an accident caused by someone else, the legal team at the Law Offices of Paul Levin is fully prepared to provide you with the skilled, dedicated representation you need to get the justice you deserve. Discuss your personal injury case with a Hartford, CT personal injury attorney today by calling 860.322.5302.

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At the Law Offices of Paul Levin, we have the extensive legal experience and resources necessary to provide effective, aggressive representation to personal injury victims in a wide range of circumstances. Our practice areas include:

With the help of our well-qualified legal team, you can move confidently forward with your personal injury lawsuit and greatly increase your chances of successfully recovering the full remuneration you need.

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If you have been the victim of a serious injury caused by someone else, you may be entitled to pursue legal action to help you secure compensation for your damages. Contact the Law Offices of Paul Levin today at 860.322.5302 to speak with a Hartford, CT personal injury attorney about your case and what we may be able to do for you.

Personal Injury Cases: An Overview

We lead busy lives in a fast-paced world. Our schedules are booked solid, and we're driving, flying, biking, running to the next destination 24/7, so it's not surprising that accidents happen. And unfortunately, accidents and injuries can cause medical problems that may be costly. When you need to be compensated for an injury that was caused by someone's negligence, you'll need to contact a personal injury attorney to assist you, and make a case. Whether you're in Hartford, CT or somewhere else across the state, you'll need solid legal counsel. Trust the Law Offices of Paul Levin to provide you with the best counsel; we get results!

A personal injury case can be intense, and it may take time to see it through to its end; therefore, you'll want to work with a Hartford, CT personal injury attorney who will be with you every step of the way. Typically, a personal injury case will be a civil proceeding in which one party seeks to establish the fault of the other party via a settlement or a judgment by a court.


Settlements for injuries caused either directly or indirectly by someone are often the preferred means of dealing with personal injury cases. Whether a person was injured due to a careless driver or fell due to faulty stairs, or a million other possible scenarios in which personal injuries happen, the settlements for injuries sustained are usually handled by the involved parties, their attorneys, and perhaps an insurer. A settlement will involve a negotiation between both sides usually culminating with a formal written agreement in which the parties agree to a cash sum for compensation and an acknowledgment that both parties agree to forego taking the matter to court.


In a lawsuit, one party will allege that the other party directly caused harm or harm was caused due to negligence. Negligence can take many forms and the laws are exhaustive, so it is indeed important to seek counsel from a seasoned, thorough Hartford, CT personal injury attorney to fully assess the situation. If the aggrieved party wins the lawsuit, it will end with a judgment by the court that awards damages (compensation) to them.

What Situations Warrant the Hiring of a Personal Injury Attorney?

In many situations, simply hiring a Hartford, CT personal injury attorney will put the other party or an insurance company on alert that you are serious, and thus they will act accordingly. Of course there are a number of reasons why you'd want to hire a personal injury attorney - to make sense of the complex rules related to your claim, to negotiate on your behalf, to handle filings and agreements, etc., but having an attorney represent you can greatly enhance your ability to receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Let's take a look at some common situations that certainly warrant hiring a personal injury attorney in Hartford, CT.

Injuries that Disable Someone for an Extended Period or Permanently

Accidents and injuries can vary greatly, from cuts to broken legs, to paralysis or even death. If you sustain an injury that impacts your physical abilities or your appearance for an extended period or perhaps permanently, this is a serious injury and you should be compensated accordingly.

Severe Injuries

The level of your compensation either through a settlement or court judgment will often be decided based upon the severity of your injuries. As the compensation dollar amount rises, the relative range of compensation you might receive may vary widely. You'll want a personal injury attorney in Hartford, CT to push hard for you so you'll be awarded the maximum compensation possible.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals, Toxins

The world is filled with potentially harmful chemicals as they are used to make the many products that we enjoy, from televisions to water bottles and everything in between. Exposure to certain contaminants in our water, air, or even soil can potentially cause major illnesses or even death. If you or someone you love has been injured or died due to exposure to harmful contaminants, and you believe it was due to an illegal act or negligence, there should be compensation for the injury or death. Companies that manufacture these toxic chemicals or utilize these kinds of toxic chemicals in their manufacturing process usually have a team of attorneys who represent them, as they are prepared for possible personal injury cases being leveled against them. Without a doubt, they'll come prepared to try and dismiss your entire case against them, or at the very least, reduce the amount of the settlement should there be one. Don't let them take advantage, consult immediately with a seasoned personal injury attorney and stand up for your rights.

Medical Malpractice

If you've been injured due to an error, or the negligent, irresponsible, or careless behavior of a physician, nurse, hospital or clinic, laboratory, or other facility or medical worker you'll definitely need a personal injury attorney on your team to fight for you. Medical malpractice cases are often arduous, complex, and long. And the party you are facing off against will most certainly have powerful attorneys working for them. Protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve by hiring a skilled, experienced personal injury attorney in Hartford, CT.

The Law Offices of Paul Levin | Hartford, CT Personal Injury Attorney

Of course the aforementioned situations are but a few of the many possible scenarios in which it would be wise to hire a personal injury attorney. In Hartford, CT, the Law Offices of Paul Levin have an established and respected reputation for getting results. Quite simply, we win cases, and when you hire us you can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to protect your rights and get you the absolute maximum compensation possible.

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