Trucking Accident

Connecticut Trucking Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents, more than most other types of motor vehicle accidents, are often extremely dangerous for all those involved. While all motor vehicle accidents have the potential to result in serious injuries and property damage, the size of the vehicles involved and the physics of large truck accidents often result in potentially life-threatening injuries. Sadly, the consequences of these injuries, which may include broken bones, head injuries, and spinal damage, can be devastating for both victims and their families.

While some trucking accidents may occur simply as the result of unforeseeable circumstances, the sad reality is that many of these accidents are caused by careless or dangerous behavior on the part of truck drivers, trucking companies, or others. If you have suffered injuries in a truck accident in Connecticut, the legal team at the Law Offices of Paul Levin understands what you are dealing with at this time, and we want to help.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

There are a considerable number of different ways in which a truck accident can occur. While nearly any mistake made behind the wheel of such a powerful machine can result in serious consequences, the following are some of the most unfortunately common causes of truck accidents:

  • Drunk Driving
  • Truck Defect / Malfunction
  • Trucking Company Negligence
  • Truck Driver Error / Negligence
  • No-Zone Accidents

Sadly, in many truck accidents, it is the driver and/or passenger of the smaller vehicle who suffers the most severe consequences, as these smaller vehicles afford little protection against the weight and size of large commercial trucks.

Get Help from a Truck Accident Attorney

Those who cause truck accidents, or play a role in their occurrence, need to be held accountable for the damage that they cause in the lives of others. If you or someone you know has been involved in a serious truck accident caused by someone else, speak with an attorney at the Law Offices of Paul Levin today by calling 860.560.7226 to learn more about what steps you can take to pursue the full and fair compensation you need.