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Waterbury Personal Injury Attorney

Get experienced legal help from the Law Offices of Paul Levin. Paul Levin is a respected attorney that services Waterbury, CT. As a personal injury attorney who has obtained multiple high-value verdicts in Waterbury superior court as well as case settlements, Attorney Levin knows what it takes to win, and he does what it takes to win when representing you. 

The Law Offices of Paul Levin | Waterbury, CT Personal Injury Attorney

One minute you're having the best day of your life, and then… suddenly you're on the ground with a broken ankle. That suspicious looking staircase was more than suspicious—it was dangerous. You've just had a personal injury, and the business that failed to repair their stairs owes you compensation. This is but one of literally millions of possible scenarios, and in all cases where you've been injured due to the negligence or actions of another party one thing is universally true—you need a personal injury attorney you can count on. Whether you're in Waterbury, CT or a neighboring county, chances are you've heard of The Law Offices of Paul Levin, or heard of our cases. Paul Levin is a respected attorney serving Waterbury, CT. As an experienced personal injury attorney, Attorney Levin knows what it takes to win, and he does what it takes to win. If you've been injured due to the actions of another person, business, group, or entity, or because of their negligence or irresponsible behavior, contact The Law Offices of Paul Levin and let us handle all the work. Lean on us when you're in need and we'll fight to get you the maximum compensation for your personal injuries.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Waterbury, CT?

Whether you've had a little slip resulting in a sprained ankle, or severe injury that alters the course of your remaining life, you need experienced legal counsel to guide you through the process so you'll come out on top. Just one injury may leave you with astronomical medical bills. Many Americans go bankrupt every year because of medical expenses. Don't let this happen to you. 

Beyond the medical bills, another issue of great concern is lost wages. If you're out of work for two, three, six months, a year even, most employers won't be cutting you paychecks while you're recovering, so lost wages can be another incredibly damaging result of a personal injury. 

And what if you now have a permanent disability due to your injury? A permanent disability might require years of physical therapy, and a total reordering of your way of life. Depending on your injury you may no longer be able to climb stairs, or drive, or do many things that were once taken for granted. You need a Personal Injury Attorney that serves Waterbury, CT who can get you the compensation you'll need to care for your injuries, no matter the length of the recovery road that lies before you.

Additionally, those who suffer serious personal injuries also often experience emotional or psychological trauma. Emotional and psychological trauma can take years to recover from, and there is no guarantee that someone will ever completely recover, even with counseling. This is a long-term expense that needs to be covered by the party or parties who caused your personal injury.

The aforementioned just covers a small sample of the many ways a personal injury can wreak havoc upon your life. You need a personal injury attorney that serves Waterbury, CT who will not only empathize with your situation but one who has the track record of experience to get you the maximum compensation for your damages. At the Law Offices of Paul Levin, our attorneys have years of experience handling all sorts of personal injury cases. When your health, your financial life, or your entire way of life is on the line, don't leave such important issues to inexperienced lawyers. Trust our extensive experience and unparalleled record of success—trust the Law Offices of Paul Levin. 

What Are the First Two Critical Steps to Take if You've Been Injured?

Seek Medical Care Immediately

If you've been injured, the first and the thing you can do for yourself, and for your case, is to receive medical care for your injuries right away. Even if you feel fine and don't notice any injuries, it is always best to see your doctor or visit an ER, urgent care facility, or hospital. Many people walk away from accidents feeling fine at the scene, but later realize something is wrong. Many kinds of injuries, especially including head, neck, and spine injuries can occasionally go unnoticed for a moment, or even hours. Don't take a chance with your health; see a qualified doctor or visit a medical facility immediately following your injury if paramedics have not already come to you, to ensure that your health is taken care of.

But beyond your physical health, be sure to get documentation of all your medical care because this will be an important piece of your personal injury case—the proof of a medical problem or injury caused by the accident. If you don't visit a hospital or see a doctor, the insurance adjuster will make his or her case that you were not actually injured. And if your case goes to trial… you'll need this documentation to convince the jury that you were truly injured and deserve compensation.

Contact a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney that serves Waterbury, CT

After you have received care for your injuries from medical professionals and documented the treatment for your records, it is then time to contact a qualified personal injury attorney that serves Waterbury, CT. While there may be some small claims you feel you can handle on your own, a competent personal injury attorney can still help facilitate the process, act as your liaison and counsel, and ensure that everything is filed properly and within the allowable timeframe. But you will absolutely need a CT personal injury attorney that serves Waterbury. if your injury is more substantial, such that you are in the hospital or ER for an extended period, or have a concussion, broken bone, or worse, or if you have an expectation that medical bills may be difficult for you to pay. The Law Offices of Paul Levin will be there for you, in cases big or small, providing you the support and counsel to achieve the best outcome possible for your case.

Once you decide to bring us on board, you will benefit from the full, and extensive, power of our practice. We are seasoned attorneys and know exactly what it takes to win cases; our track record is proof. We'll thoroughly review your case with you, offer our advice, and set out on the path to fight for your rights immediately. We'll investigate every angle of your case, review all records, and build a solid strategy tailored to you. We have experts, and investigators, who will work hard to uncover every detail, so when the time comes to present to a court or insurer, our case will be built upon a sturdy foundation of facts and evidence that cannot be refuted. When you've been injured and need a personal injury attorney in Waterbury, CT to fight for you, call us. Let us lead the fight and do what we can to help you get you the maximum compensation for your injuries and emotional suffering.

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