Inspectors Report Showed Flaws in Connecticut Train Line

The recent collision of two trains in Connecticut, which left more than seventy passengers injured, occurred only two days after an inspector’s report noted safety issues with the tracks on which the trains were travelling. According to the report, the area on which the derailment and collision occurred was demonstrating vertical movement when trains passed overhead, though it was not deemed to require emergency repairs.

The commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Transportation, James P. Redeker, noted at a Senate hearing concerning the incident that the amount of funds invested in maintaining the upkeep of the rail systems in the Northeast Corridor have fallen short of what is necessary in order for the tracks to achieve a state of good repair.

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Paul and Emmanuelle Levin Receive Hands & Hearts Appreciation Award

Attorney Paul Levin and his wife Emmanuelle were recently honored at the third annual Hands & Hearts reception with a Hands & Hearts Appreciation Award for their support of the Wheeler Clinic’s community service efforts. The two were among a group of 12 individuals and organizations recognized by the Wheeler Clinic for their generous support and assistance.

The Wheeler Clinic is a non-profit organization which, since 1968, has been providing Connecticut’s citizens with a wide range of community services, ranging from assistance to those struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues to foster care services. With the support of individuals such as the Levins and business organizations in the Connecticut area, the Wheeler Clinic is able to provide services to more than 30,000 children and adults in the state.

You can read more about this event here.

AAA Study Finds Voice Text Messaging Almost as Dangerous as Real Thing

A study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that using voice-based text messaging services, which are increasingly being introduced into new vehicles, is almost as dangerous as conventional texting and more distracting to drivers than simply making a phone call with a handheld mobile phone. This report comes as more and more states are beginning to focus on the dangers of texting while driving.

Connecticut law currently prohibits the use of manual texting features on mobile devices while operating a vehicle. However, as currently written, it appears to be the case that the law does allow the use of voice-operated texting services. As this study demonstrates, this is a potential hole in the law which might continue to allow dangerous driving behaviors to go unpunished.

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