Five People Injured in Tubing Accident at Connecticut Ski Resort


A_family_snow_tubing_at_Keystone_Resort_in_ColoradoAn accident at a Connecticut ski resort injured five people on New Year’s Day 2013 when a cable towing a group of people up the mountain in an inner tube broke. Accidents such as these are apparently rather common, as another accident at the same resort less than a year earlier injured three people. Claims for injuries against a ski resort, using a theory of premises liability, are difficult because of the danger inherent in the activity, although a claimant may be able to claim a product defect against a tube or lift manufacturer.

The accident occurred late in the afternoon of Tuesday, January 1, 2013. As an inner tube holding six people was being towed up the mountain at Woodbury Ski Area, the cable broke. The tube slid back down the tubing ramp and collided with the lift at the base of the slope. Five of the six riders were taken to nearby Waterbury Hospital with injuries. All but two of them were released that day. A nineteen year-old woman remained in intensive care for several days with multiple injuries, while a thirty-eight year-old man continued to receive treatment for a head injury. Other injuries included a foot injury and a concussion. The Connecticut State Police was investigating the accident to determine if any criminal charges were warranted, along with the Woodbury fire marshal and the state’s Bureau of Elevators.