Connecticut Woman Sues New Haven Hospital After Falling Off Operating Table

320px-Operating_table_system_with_a_stationary_unitAn 81 year-old woman is suing a hospital in New Haven, alleging that her doctor and other hospital staff failed to properly monitor her and ensure her safety while she was recovering from a medical procedure in 2010. She claims that she suffered multiple severe injuries when she fell off the table in the operating room. She is claiming damages for medical expenses and future care needs.

Florence Fiedler, a retired administrator for the FBI, went to Yale-New Haven Hospital on February 7, 2010 to have a pacemaker installed. This is a relatively routine surgical procedure, and it reportedly went well. She alleges that hospital staff left her unattended after the procedure, while she was still under anesthesia. She also claims that the staff did not leave the gurney in a low position, placing her at an unsafe height. She fell off the gurney, allegedly suffering a fractured hip and collarbone, a fractured spine, a broken toe, and a traumatic head injury causing internal bleeding. She claims that she was unable to walk after the fall and had to re-learn how. She also allegedly cannot climb stairs or drive a car. She cannot live on her own, and says that she is now a “shut-in.”

A hospital spokesperson stated that the hospital reported the incident to the state’s health department, and that the hospital has taken corrective measures to prevent future incidents. The hospital also reportedly apologized to Fiedler.