Connecticut Woman Severely Injured by Truck in Bicycle Accident

A bicyclist from Fairfield Connecticut suffered traumatic head injuries after being thrown from her bike following a collision with a truck. She is currently in critical condition at a Bridgeport, Connecticut hospital.

The media reported that the victim was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. The accident thus highlights the need for stressing helmet safety for all bicyclists.

Connecticut Nursing Homes Cited and Fined for Medical Care Lapses

Recently, the Connecticut Department of Public Health fined several Connecticut nursing homes for medical care lapses that led to patients’ falls.

West Hartford Health & Rehabilitation was fined for failing to prevent a resident with dementia from falling. The staff neglected to provide the patient with a “lap chair” that would have prevented her from falling from her wheelchair.

Connecticut Student Athlete Concussion Law Has Coaches Taking Courses on Head Injuries

The big news this summer in the field of concussions and brain injuries was the lawsuit commenced in July by 75 former professional football players against the NFL alleging the league knew as early as the 1920s of the harmful effects of concussions on players’ brains, but concealed the information from players, coaches, trainers and others until June 2010.

However, less well known is the quiet impact that Connecticut’s student athlete concussion law, effective July 2010, has had on the safety of high school football players.

Among other requirements, the law requires interscholastic and intramural coaches in Connecticut to take a course on concussions. One of the key goals is to teach coaches how to identify the symptoms of a concussion after a player takes a hit to head, and to determine whether the player should be pulled from the game.

No Illnesses Reported Yet in Connecticut in Nationwide Salmonella Outbreak

As reported today in the Hartford Courant, leading meat processor Cargill announced that it is recalling 36 million pounds of ground turkey linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak that has killed one person in California and sickened individuals in at least 26 states so far across the country.

The recall covers fresh and frozen ground turkey products produced at the company’s Springdale, Arkansas plant between February 20, 2011 through August 2, 2011.

Water Skier Killed in Connecticut Boating Accident Last Weekend

Last weekend, a woman from Yonkers water skiing in a lake near Newton, Connecticut, was killed when her line got tangled in the propeller of the boat towing her.

The victim was taken to a hospital in Danbury Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

While the full details of how this accident unfolded were not reported, the tragedy reinforces the importance of following important safety precautions while water skiing – a popular sporting activity during the summer.