Safety In The Work Place-

One can hardly doubt that persons who have sustained serious work site injuries, some that have led to their Death, by their pursuit of lawsuits beyond the mere assertion of workers compensation claims have fostered awareness and safety for many. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire that occurred in the year 1911 was one of the most tragic industrial accidents in U.S. history. 146 workers lost their lives, many were young female immigrants.
The factory conditions were so deplorable and unsafe that a criminal investigation and charges were filed but the owners of the Factory were acquitted. However, they were sued for civil damages-monetary compensation for those that lost their lives and brought wrongful death claims which they won. The American Society of Safety Engineers(ASSE) was also founded, in part, because of this event and made efforts to bring attention to the horrid conditions which the workers were having to work in.

Wrongul Death- A To Do List

For the surviving family members of someone killed in a car accident, construction site mishap or any other situation where the fault may lie with another Entity or Individual there is often a knowledge gap about what to do. In Connecticut, an individual that has died is no longer a recognized legal entity. Rather, it is their Estate which may act through an individual appointed by a Probate Court commonly referred to as an Administrator or Executor. The Probate Court system is accessible and the clerks are generally knowledgeable and sympathetic with a desire to assist those who have experienced such a loss. Accordingly, it is usually a very good idea to have a responsible family member appointed as the Adminsitrator, often times the Executor named in the Will should that exist is a good candidate for this position of Trust.