Nursing Home Standards of Care- Not your Average Hospital

Nursing home abuse and neglect of the elderly is hard to tolerate in a society whose very constitutional principles are rooted in protecting those citizens that are most vulnerable. Unfortunately, Nursing Home abuse and neglect does occur in Connecticut and it happens with too much regularity. Nursing Homes and Rehab facilities tend to locate near the population centers, which in our State means concentrations in Hartford, New Haven, New London and Fairfiield Counties.The actionable injury cases in this area may include a wide variety of different bad outcomes which occur more frequently in the presence of physician or nursing staff negligence. These range from Falls producing serious fractures and Death, Bed sores and nutritional neglect to actual physical abuse.

The requirement for a Nursing home facility to plan for and provide for the Health, Safety and well being of its patients is a duty which arises under Federal and Connecticut statute and related regulations.In contrast to other forms of medical care delivery which are largely governed by various specialty boards and norms determined within the community of similarly trained providers, Nursing homes are highly regulated and subject to both Federal and State standards governing their operation and patient care delivery. Connecticut’s legislature has , for example, adopted a patient bill of rights set forth in Conn General Stat. Section 19a-550 which mirrors the Federal regulations which apply to the level and quality of patient care mandated to be delivered by nursing homes