Amputation injuries continue to occur in Connecticut despite the presence of Federal safety regulations as well as industry manufacturing and Product Design standards which have become prevalent. Frequently, these terrifying injury events occur attendant to the use of power tools and industrial equipment. An overview of the regulatory landscape which is set forth below begs the question why do such events continue to occur with such regularity. A summary of the pertinent regulations and standards is in order before addressing that question. HOW DO AMPUTEES COPE

Full or partial body part amputations are due to a multitude of causes and require major life and psychological adjustments including strategies for coping with the loss of an integral part of one’s body, but recovery is possible and I have seen excellent results over the longer term. Frankly, financial security and taking account of future ergonomic needs as well as supportive medical care gains much of the credit in my experience. Often times an injured Amputee will also need to pursue a workers compensation claim, a general negligence claim and on occasion a products liability claim as well. Too bad our military Men and Woman have no such resort for financial recompense when their injuries happen while defending our Society’s Freedom.