One of the more challenging categories of cases within the field of personal injury are Head injuries, Sometimes alternatively referred to as Brain injuries or Traumatic Brain Injury claims (TBI) these cases are often challenging and complex to pursue. For the Law Firm entrusted with this task of proving these claims while their clients are adjusting to all manner of symptoms ranging from Memory and speech to dizziness and headaches, the effort must be continuous. The importance of monitoring and studying the medical reports, assisting where necessary with making sure that the right specialists are evaluating and treating the clients cannot be overstated. In Connecticut, we have detected to some extent the existence of an institutional bias, even within the medical profession, where the more subtle types of Brain trauma are involved. My office has taken the deposition of well known neurologists tasked with performing an independent medical exam where they insisted that in the absence of evidence on an MRI or CT Scan of a brain injury that post concussive syndrome would simply not be a credible explanation for ongoing neuro psychological difficulties. That expert opinion, much like another, suggesting that a loss of consciousness was necessary to even have a brain injury , is not supportable under current guidlines nor peer reviewed clinical literature.