Injury to the spine is perhaps the most common body part reportedly affected from motor vehicle, industrial and construction accidents which take place regularly through the State of Connecticut. No doubt, a similar trend would be found to apply in other States as well. The severity of the injuries involved, naturally ranges from back strains and sprains to paralysis. It is safe to say though that anyone who has experienced the effects of any significant trauma to the spine can readily appreciate just how debilitating the effects of even a temporary severe strain may be.

From a legal perspective, the circumstances and cause of the injury event are critical in terms of figuring out who, if any person or company, may be legally responsible to compensate the injured party. In work circumstances, this is usually that individual’s direct employer. Sometimes, a third person or company can be held financially responsible even in the presence of a work injury. That is one reason it is particularly helpful if the attorney retained knows what to look for and how to pursue both types of legal claims.