Medication Errors- A Recurrent Problem

Medication Errors of a wide variety and levels of seriousness continue to occur with alarming regularity. This affects patient populations across all spectrums of ages and circumstances. Unfortunately, what it comes down to is that human error and lack of uniform safety and redundant verification procedures. There is a certain statistical frequency that such mistakes re-occur so that in smaller States like Connecticut this effects a smaller number of people versus someone living in New York or New Jersey for example. Such episodes are not confined to the administration of medicines while in Hospitals as the error may be at the phamacy or even a physician’s office. The latter events seem to happen when certain medical offices fail to take account of other medicines that a patient is already taking and sometimes those medicines have in fact been prescribed by a different medical specialty. Reactions to being over medicated or being provided the wrong medicataions can be fatal but more often than not are close calls. Because of the difficulty and expense involved in bringing a medical malpractice claim or a products liability claim, only the more serious injuries tend to make their way into a lawsuit. This does not minimize the impact of the close calls though and if lawsuit avoidance really becomes one of luck in terms of how badly harmed the particular patient is then the problem is obviously not going away as the incentives to be more careful and implement better procedures and technology is lacking.